Hayle Hummingbird 179830 *LIMITED* - THIRD in Spring Series

Hayle Hummingbird 179830 *LIMITED* - THIRD in Spring Series

Bearington Collection

  • $36.99

Hayle Hummingbird - 16" bear dressed in purple and green organza over satin - the skirt is done in broad vertical bands of alternating green and lavender - the bodice has embroidered flowers in purple and green with yellow centers - around her waist is a green sash with a large bow at the back - she has lavender and purple flowers on her head - on her wrist rests a colorful hummingbird in shades of purple, green and white

This exquisite bear is the season's most sought after collectible. She follows Felicia and Flutterwings and Bella Butterfly, each of which could be purchased only by retailers who attended a Bearington trade show. She may not be re-ordered once the show order is gone.

She is the THIRD edition in the Bearington Collection's spring series of Limited Edition Show Exclusive musical bears. This precious bear plays Beethoven's "Fur Elise".


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