Bearington began their Greetings line a couple of years ago. Each of the Greetings is appropriate for that special occasion or time when we want to send someone our wishes or our love. And it is extremely affordable.

Every bear in the Greetings line conveys a message. Whether you purchase them for yourself or to give to someone else, they convey a sentiment in a way that nothing but a bear can.

Lean Beans are fun. These cuddly, poseable, huggable, floppy, wrappable animals can do just about anything you want them to do. Sit them on your bed. Tuck them into a backpack or purse. Cuddle them as you go to sleep. Give one as a birthday gift or to someone sick in the hospital.

Each of the Lean Bean characters has its own personality and will become a special friend to you, be you child or adult. Each Bearington Lean Bean measures 15 inches long.