Periwinkle Fairy without Flower 86990 (boxed) (RETIRED but in)

Periwinkle Fairy without Flower 86990 (boxed) (RETIRED)

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  • $34.99

Periwinkle Fairy Ornament - Height 4" - this 'free-flying' Fairy ornament comes in a beautifully illustrated pictorial window gift box.

Each comes with a fine gold cord for hanging as well as a detachable 6" metal floral pick for use in a plant or basket.

Series XV


The Periwinkle Fairy

In shady shrubby places,
Right early in the year,
I lift my flowers' faces
O come and find them here!
My stems are thin and straying,
With leaves of glossy sheen,
The bare brown earth arraying,
For they are ever green.
No great renown have I. Yet who
Does not love Periwinkle's blue?